TV celebrity endorses ‘Return to Ayurveda’

TV celebrity endorses 'Return to Ayurveda'

Mahi Vij who plays Nakusha in a popular TV serial is a die hard Ayurveda believer…

To start with, she owes her bountiful hair to a special formulation created by Dr. Raksha of Amazing Herbal Remedies, Delhi.

The stressful life led by TV and film stars often takes a toll on their hair and skin and Mahi was no exception. But her faith in traditional herbal therapies has got everything going right for her.

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‘Share Hair Care’ For Couples

'Share Hair Care' For Couples

“Young couples often have a fetish for each others hair. Running your finger through his hair is not only romantic.  It can be healthy too. Similarly helping your woman with her air care is a wonderful thing for that ever lasting beauty…”

Appeared in Hindustan Times, HT City (Dated: 21-11-2006) Tuesday

“Head massaging each other on a lazy Sunday is a much better option against spending time and money at a parlour.” This is how Dr. Raksha explains the holistic hair care. A herbalist who has treated lakhs of people for hair related maladies including patchy baldness comes up with simplistic methods and safe-treatments for hair-health.

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