Ayurvedic Name: Jara | Responsible Dosha: Vata

Ayurveda considers childhood to be the Kapha stage of life. Adulthood is Pitta time, and old age is the Vata stage of life. Ageing of the skin is due to the aggravation of vata dosha, which naturally increases with age. Old age is a slow and continuous process of physical deterioration in strength, in energy and in initiative and cannot meet the requirements of an active life. According to ayurveda anti aging means primarily maintaining a healthy body into old age and slowing down the processes of aging, wear and tear, and degeneration. The aim of Ayurveda anti-aging is to aspire to a healthy aging process, to keep both body and mind functioning at optimal capacity. Factors due to which skin get aged divided in to internal and external factors. Internal factors include doshas imbalance due to improper dietary habits and routine life style. External factors include the lifestyle and environment of the individual like smoking, exposure to sun, exposure to cold, poor diet, too much stress, lack of exercise etc.
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