Hair Regrowth – Time To Say No To Baldness

Hair Regrowth - Time To Say No To Baldness

Appeared in Hindustan Times (Delhi Edition) on 04th October, 2005 (Tuesday)

Twenty years back, when Dr. Raksha began her research in hair related problems amongst Indians, she did not know that she was heading towards becoming the country’s most trusted herbalist in this area. And for good
reason. Having successfully treated more than a lakh of individuals for baldness, she is now acknowledged as an undisputed leader in this field having pioneered the revival of Ayurveda school of thought.

Hair regrowth, before Dr. Raksha emerged on the scene, was always a skeptical dream and efforts were surrounded by myths and misconceptions as no serious research had ever happened.

Say Yes To Ayurveda

Today Dr. Raksha relates baldness and other hair & scalp problems to lifestyle, food habits, and genetic reasons. She has treated baldness cases in ages from 5 to 74, at Amazing Herbal Remedies, country’s only baldness centre of its kind. Her herbal formulations are closely guarded secrets and her range covers maladies like baldness and infections of the scalp. She also offers tremendous help for complexion, weight loss, and memory enhancement.


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