Hair Nirvana!

Hair Nirvana!

Appeared in The Times of India (Delhi Edition) on 04th June, 2005 (Saturday)

Falling hair may make you sweat every summer, but not any more! Girls and guys, here’s some good news for those of you who have fought baldness for years but all in vain.

To the rescue is Dr. Raksha of Amazing Herbal Remedies. This clinic offers hair care treatment that makes natural re-growth of hair possible through risk-free herbal methods. “Baldness in many cases is a lifestyle syndrome and its effects can be altered by subjective understanding of each patient”, says Dr. Raksha.

Falling hair may make you sweat every summer, but not any more

Dr. Raksha’s treatment has helped treat many men, women and children to solve problems such as patchy baldness, dandruff, thinning and falling of hair, fungal infection and premature graying. The clinic also offers solutions for complexion enhancement, weight loss, memory improvement and rejuvenation. what’s more its free baldness camp, a quarterly event is drawing large crowds of people, with the next camp scheduled to take place on June 5.

Hair Nirvana

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