Hair Fall Problem – Don’t Ignore Warning Signs of Baldness

Hair Fall Problem - Don't Ignore Warning Signs of Baldness

Appeared in Hindustan Times, HT City (Dated: 05-09-2010) Sunday

Increased hair fall during monsoon is an indication of poor texture of your hair and an early warning of the impending baldness.

We all tend to ignore minor hair fall and attribute it to a whole lot of other things, never thinking of a not-so-far disaster called baldness or patchy baldness. And even when we do, we resort to branded oils, creams and shampoos bypassing the real causes and genuine remedies.

Delhi herbalist Dr. Raksha insists on professional help at first signs of hair fall

Dr. Raksha of Herbal Remedies who has handled more than 1 lac cases of hair related maladies offers 100% safe remedies of hair fall and baldness.

Acknowledged as the pioneer of Hair Regrowth Syndrome by herbal methods, she has more than 25 years of specific research in hair regrowth and her range of treatment includes Genetic causes, Scalp infection, Dandruff, Damaged hair due to chemicals and many other exposures.

She has an extremely developed regime for Male pattern baldness where treatment is a combination of herbal applications and lifestyle changes. Also for women, who have the tendency to develop patches of bald scalp, a complete reversal of hair loss is achieved through advanced ayurvedic treatment.

Amazing Herbal Remedies also offers solutions for Skin Pigmentation, Complexion improvement, Rejuvenation, Weight loss and a host of other problems where each case is given personal attention.

Dr. Raksha and team of experts are available for consultations and treatment at:

Online consultations:

Dr. Raksha can be contacted for consultation at D-13, G.F., South Ext. I. N. D-49, or online at

Appointments can be sought at +91-98100-77172.


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