Bride Hairstyle: Hair care for the bride-to-be

Bride Hairstyle: Hair care for the bride-to-be

Appeared in The Times of India (Delhi Edition) on 27th September, 2008 (Saturday)

Brides do go for a makeover before their wedding. From losing those extra kilos to getting that peaches and cream complexion, everything is paid attention by them. But they often do little to improve the look and feel of their hair.

According to Dr. Raksha, Amazing Herbal Remedies, hair treatments should be prioritized over anything before ones wedding for it takes longer to show results.

Brides do go for a makeover  before their wedding

Getting rid of dandruff or split ends, etc, actually amounts to social- graces that no new bride must ignore.

Can you imaging leaving a dandruff trail on your mans black suit….or refusing to let your hair loose when he wants it like that because you don’t want him to see those split ends? Brides-to-be therefore, must take professional help for all hair-related problems as a part of their wedding preparations. All this to ensure they look stunning irrespective of the occasion. And this is where Dr. Raksha comes in with her herbal pre-bridals.

Pre-bridal hair rejuvenation is perhaps the most long lasting of all other D-day makeovers. The herbal treatment actually looks at permanent solutions rather than temporary make believers.

Dr. Raksha also offers remedies for falling hair and claims to have treated over a lakh patients suffering from various hair-related maladies. She also warns that women in particular ought to seek professional help at the first signs of hair loss, because for a woman, hair loss and patchy baldness led to emotional trauma and loss of self esteem. Dr. Raksha who refuses to divulge names has treated a number of film stars, TV personalities, even young models and beauty contest aspirants over the last many years.

The treatment centre has an efficient team of expert and specialists handling issues like alopecia, patchy baldness, thinning & falling of hair, fungal infection, dandruff and premature graying.

Apart from hair related problems, herbal solutions are also given for pigmentation, acne, and complexion enhancement, memory and grasping power improvement, rejuvenation/energy and weight loss treatment just what a bride-to-be cannot afford to ignore.

Hundreds of people from all over the country come every week to consult her at her treatment centre.


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