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Lifestyle modifications such as a healthy diet and good hair care can go a long way in maximizing your hair growth capacity...

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Healthy locks of hair free from dandruff or split ends is something that can be easily achieved, if you know how to take good care of your hair. Knowing some tips for healthy hair growth is the secret to avoid hair dullness. Read more on tips for growing long hair.

Healthy Hair Growth Tips:
Lifestyle modifications such as a healthy diet and good hair care can go a long way in maximizing your hair growth capacity. Here are some useful tips that can help promote faster hair growth:

Healthy Diet
Scalp massage coupled with a diet that promotes hair growth, is one of the best tips for healthy hair growth. Hair experts say that just an oil massage is not helpful for hair growth. A healthy diet rich in proteins (pulses and almonds) is also very essential for healthy glowing hair. You also need to reduce intake of refined and processed foods. Having plenty of dark green leafy vegetables and fruits indirectly, forms an important part of proper hair care.

Have Plenty of Water
Drinking plenty of water is one of the most 'easy to implement' natural tips for healthy hair and scalp. Insufficient water intake can make your hair dull and dry. To avoid these problems, increase water intake and make sure that you drink 6 - 8 glasses of water everyday. Also, have coffee and tea in moderate amounts, as excess intake of these beverages can cause dehydration.

Massage your Head
Books written on natural tips for healthy hair, mention the importance of head massage with a suitable oil. Daily head massage for 5 - 10 minutes is the simplest way to stimulate hair growth. Keep hair problems at bay by massaging the scalp daily with oil. A scalp massage can play a very important role in strengthening your hair from root.

Use Lukewarm Water
When it comes to rinsing hair, hot water is certainly not recommended. This is because, hot water can damage your hair and cause premature hair loss. In fact, hot water for rinsing hair is the primary reason behind baldness. Using lukewarm water when washing hair is recommended to prevent hair from damage.

Stop Overuse of Shampoo
Shampooing hair is no doubt good to grow thick hair but doing it every day can cause excessive hair loss. Shampooing the hair, twice or thrice a week is the ideal approach to maintain hair hygiene.

Choose your Hair Care Products Wisely
With so many oils, shampoos flooding the market everyday, choosing one that suits your hair type is necessary to prevent hair from getting damaged. Shampoos containing herbal formulations are good to promote hair growth. Shampoos that have herbs like amlal, bringraj, neem are useful to restore the lost shine and luster in hair. Washing the hair with the right shampoo is one of the best tips for healthy hair. Stay away from chemical based shampoos, as their usage may spoil your hair.

Manage your Stress Levels
Stress is yet another factor that can stunt your hair growth. Getting stressed up under work pressures or from day-to-day routine is obvious, but managing stress is the key to avoid its ill effects. An age old remedy to handle stress effectively is to practice yoga and meditation. Practicing these 'stress relief' techniques for 15-20 minutes is helpful to rejuvenate hair growth.


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